Best Japanese Hair Stylers Sold In The US

Japanese hair stylers

We are not all professional hairstylists and sometimes that wrist-twirling movement of blow drying can be daunting and also very time-consuming, which is why many of us, myself included, find hot air brushes real life savers. They give you salon-worthy hairstyles in half the time and with the half effort. The technique used in most of these brushes is that the heat is distributed in an efficient manner that dries the hair quicker and helps reduce the frizziness, without damaging the hair follicles.

So to save you precious time, I’ve rounded up the best Japanese styling brushes available in the US according to the reviews of hundreds happy and satisfied customers. The hair stylers on this list are perfect for drying, combing, straightening, and curling all types and textures of hair. Try one of them and let it make your life better.

Best 5 Japanese Hair Styler In the Market

Panasonic Twirl Dryer Noise Suppression

japaneese hair styler panasonic

This hair-styler has three settings: dry, set and cold, which will allow you to use it for a variety of hairstyles and in a variety of situations. As the name of the model suggests, it has noise suppression technology, so it won’t give you a headache or wake up the entire neighborhood every time you are drying your hair. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and the price makes it a winner for sure.

YS Park Pro Straight Air Styler Brush

This anti-static, anti-bacterial pro brush will give you the look that you desire. It’s super light and can fit in any of your handbags and it’s suitable for all your blow drying needs, whether you want to use it to blow dry your hair because you have somewhere to be or you just want more of a natural look, this great brush will get the job done.

TESCOM Dual Voltage Hair Styler Hot Air Brush

The favorable reviews on this brush all praise its ability to dry hair really fast. It distributes the right amount of heat, which is why it helps give you that picture-perfect look without damaging your hair. As with any other brush, it’s mainly used for straightening, but one of its advantages is that you can add volume or curls to the tips of your hair by rolling it inward.

Panasonic Curling Iron Brush

This is multifunctional brush is what dreams are of because it allows you to blow dry your hair, while simultaneously creating curls. Yes, you read that right, it works as a hot air brush and as a curling iron. It will allow you to create a variety of hairstyles, such as straight hair, volumized at the top hair and curly hair in different shapes and sizes. It’s a time saver for people who prefer a straight hairstyle with slightly curled ends.

TESCOM Carl Dryer Dual-Voltage & Ionic Care

So what does dual voltage mean? It means that it’s powerful enough to dry your hair really fast. Some reviewers have reported that it dries their hair in as fast as five minutes. It comes in two pieces, so that makes it easier to pack and a lot of people love to use it specifically while travelling.

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