How to Use a Hair Styler without Burning Your Hair!

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Panasonic Curling Iron Brush We all have those expensive straighteners and curlers stuck in our cupboards somewhere, which we impulsively bought online once but never got around to learn how to use them. So now they’ve just occupied the back of our mind, convincing us that we’ll never really get that picture perfect hairstyle. Well, after reading this, we hope you feel confident enough to bring out those tools, put them together and give them another go.

With so many different products out there, with a range of different designs and multiple settings, we understand where you might get confused. We aim to remove those concerns. Each device has its own settings, its own method, but we want to encourage our readers to be less intimidated and more innovative.

Let’s start off!

Hair Prep:

Always wash your hair before trying any new style, it’s not necessary, but it gives the best results.

As you’re starting to straighten or curl your hair, you need to first divide it into portions. This makes it easier to handle. You comb your hair thoroughly, remove knots, part it in the middle and go about picking up each strand, brushing them again, and separating them from the rest by means of clips and pins. Leaving you to concentrate on each strand at a time. Some people like to use a primer before styling their hair, again it’s a choice if you find one that suits your hair then go for it. But don’t apply heavily, before starting on a strand, lightly spray or apply it. Do not wet the strand.

Adjusting the settings:

Whether it’s a straightener or a curler, be careful while setting the temperature, people usually operate it at high temperatures up to 450 but that is more damaging than helpful. The same results can be achieved with a moderate temperature. Judge your hair type, if you have curly hair and you want the dead straight look, then you can opt for higher temperature settings, but we still recommend that you do not heat your appliances to the highest temperature settings available on your device no matter how safe they say it is. You adjust your device to a moderate temperate and wait for it to properly heat up.

Using the styler:

We know it’s common to move your curler or straightener over each strand multiple times, but to be honest, that’s not necessary. With the right device which is perfectly preheated, you need only wave it over your hair once, slowly. Doing it multiple times only damages your hair. Take a strand, position your hair styler at the perfect angle, start from the inside and move through your hair from root to tip slowly. While straightening, be careful not to curve your iron at the end of the strand, if you’re using a brush type straightener, do not mistake it for a detangling brush, you need to comb your hair thoroughly before using it on your hair. For curls, gently curve the length of your hair around the convenient curve of the device, hold for 5-6 seconds and then release.

Always begin from the tip of the strand, closest to your scalp. Grab the iron firmly from the top of the handle for more pressure. This is particularly helpful for curly hair.

Be gentle yet firm, and do not be disappointed if you don’t get the right results on the first time, practice more. Always thoroughly review a hair styling product before purchasing and always watch tutorials online before using it yourself.

We hope you picked up some useful tips. You can check out reviews on some amazing hair stylers on our blog and get started on your styling journey!

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