Are Hair Dryers Allowed on Plane?

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A lot of people find it difficult to pack their bag for travel. Although it is blatant that one has to think a lot about what to carry and what not. One such thing that comes to minds is Hair dryer. For all those cautious about their hair it has been of significance importance in their life. So the question of the hour is “Are hair dryers allowed on planes”?

Yes! A recent report confirms that. The report says,” The Transportation Safety Administration does not prohibit travelers from packing hair dryers in their checked luggage or from carrying hair dryers inside their carry-on baggage”.

Along with that if you need to bring liquids in your carry on, pack them in 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottles and put them in a quart sized zip-lock bag. Liquids include lotion, shampoo, applesauce and yes, water is a liquid. Sounds silly, but people just don't think about stuff like that. Anything that can pour is a liquid. No knives whatsoever either. Nail clippers and small scissors are fine.

Now the worry increases further because Is there any need to pack hair dryer in your luggage?

A lot of things which are in against of the question asked above are:
• If you are on an international flight, your hairdryer and straightener may not work properly due to different voltage.
• because all hotel rooms and household have hair dryers, it seems pointless to bring one.
But taking a hair dryer with you comes with a lot of benefits too like:
• You don’t have to share or use someone other hair dryer.

You can buy a straightener called 'wet 2 straight' which is what I have. You don't need to blow dry your hair with that. However, it does a cruddy job on straightening. You don't really need a flat iron to straighten your hair. A round brush does a good job if you know how to use it right. If you have your heart set on a flat iron, then to make it easier on yourself section pieces off. By doing that it will be a lot easier. Make sure you get the back of your hair! It looks so tacky when there’s bumps in the back. If you can't get it, try flipping your hair over. Or have someone do the back.

Dangerous or restricted items during travel on plane

You can't take any objects in your hand baggage that could cause injury to yourself and other passengers. You may be able to take some of these items in your hold baggage (the luggage you check in) instead.

If an item is not allowed in your hand baggage, you can't take it, at any time, into:
• the shopping areas of the airport (called 'airside')
• the cabin of the plane

Musical instruments
Contact your airline before you book if you want to travel with a large musical instrument. You may need to make special arrangements, such as buying an extra seat.

Mobility aids
Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are usually allowed in the cabin, but will need to be security screened first.
For battery-powered wheelchairs or mobility aids, check with your airline first.

Essential medical equipment
You can take medical equipment with you if it’s essential for your journey.
The equipment is screened separately and you must show documents from a qualified medical professional, such as a letter from your doctor.

Before leaving for the flight I must suggest you too checking details on internet as you can check the internet Addie for your airlines and they will have specific lists of what cannot go on a plane. Many things can actually go into the luggage that is checked in but not into hand carried bags

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