Which is the #1 Best? DYSON vs. AIRWRAP : Side by Side

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryers have already made a name for themselves.  But Imagine a curling iron,  round hot Air Brush, hot air paddle brush and blow dryer all-in-one. That means you just dreamt of the Dyson Airwrap.

How does the  Airwrap vs.Dyson Hair Dryer compare? Why choose one over the other? Let’s find out!

FYI: This review will include the regular Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and not the Dyson Pro model.

  • If the Dyson has any colors on it (Fuschia, white, black, blue, gold), it’s NOT the pro model

What’s an Airwrap anyway?

How Does AirWrap Work?

Using the Coanda effect. The Coanda effect is the inclination of emerging air from a crack to follow the nearby flat or curved surface and the surrounding air from to be swept along by the lower pressure.


Using only air, the AirWrap attracts the hair to the barrel, then wraps it for you.

If you are accustomed to using a curling wand you can also use a similar technique.

Point the AirWarp downward with one hand then with the opposite hand, wrap your hair around the barrel.

Why Does The Airwrap Come with 2 Barrels?

One barrel wraps your hair clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Instead of using a directional button like an automatic hair curler.

Does AirWrap Style and Dry Your Hair?

YES, Airwrap combines airflow and heat, to dry and style your hair at the same time. The gentle 302F heat doesn’t damage your hair like regular Hot Air Brushes and stylers can.

What’s included with the AirWrap vs. Dyson?

Airwrap Set Includes:

  • 2-inch barrels (2)
  • 6-inch barrels (2)
  • Firm smoothing brush ( for frizz-prone hair.)
  • Soft smoothing brush ( gentle on the scalp.)
  • Round volumizing brush (NOT a SPINNING brush)
  • Pre-styling dryer (mini blow dryer)
  • Also included: Storage case, non-slip mat, and filter cleaning brush

Other AirWrap Sets 

If you are not sure which set you will need for your hair, get the complete set.

What Comes With Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?

dyson supersonic vs airwrap
dyson airwrap
  • Includes: Styling concentrator, Smoothing nozzle, Diffuser,
    • The only hairdryer with Magnetic styling attachments
  • Non-slip mat, and Storage hanger
  • Wide-tooth comb and gentle air attachments are now available separately

Side by Side Comparison (Dyson Supersonic vs. Airwrap)

Dyson Supersonic

Dyson AirWrap

What The Pro's Say?

  • Dyson’s motor is in the handle so it takes 2 weeks of use to get the feel in your hand.

  • Lighter and quieter than most hairdryers

  • It’s Consumer-friendly

  • It’s hard to figure out which attachment you need for your desired result.

  • For professionals, the AirWrap takes much longer for the same results.

  • A super-smooth blow-out on curly hair that lasts

  • Easier, Not faster

  • Flat Iron or Curling Iron is faster if you’re just styling, but AirWrap is faster than drying and styling


1.8 lbs

1.5 lbs

Weight with Accessories

8.7 lbs


1600 Watts

1300 Watts

Temp./Air Setting

3 Heat/ 3 Speed

3 Heat/ 3 Speed

Cool Shot Button




212°F Fast Drying
176°F Regular Drying
140°F Gentle Drying

302°F Max Temp.

Negative Ions



Dyson Digital Motor V9



Dual Voltage



360 Swivel Cord



Cord Length

9 ft.

8.5 ft.

Noise Level

79 dB

82 dB


2 Years

2 Years

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

No products found.
No products found.

Dyson AirWrap Complete Styler

No products found.
No products found.

What Do The Dyson and AirWrap Have in Common?

*Dyson products need regular filter cleaning. Don’t skip this step! Proper maintenance will prolong the life of your investment.

  • A smart sensor that measures the air temperature to prevent extreme heat damage.
  • Super Quiet: The motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency.
  • Cool to touch the surface of the attachments stays cool. Even during close-up styling.
  • Dyson digital motor V9 high-velocity jet of air, for fast drying.
  • NOT Dual Voltage if you are looking for a 220V model you must buy it overseas.
  • Dyson Supersonic Cons:
    • Learning curve
    • No storage case (only on special edition)
  • AirWrap Cons:
    • No Diffuser is made for this styler
    • Have to switch out the barrels every time to change direction
    • The hair must be damp for it to wrap around the barrel properly
    • Tends to blow hair you have already styled
    • Dyson gives a professional discount on their professional model hairdryer. There is no pro discount on Airwrap.

In Conclusion

AirWrap is much more versatile than the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

With the difference of $100 is upgrading to the AirWrap worth it?

If you style your hair daily, straightening, curling or blowouts.

Then Airwrap will help you style without the heat damage of curling irons or hair straighteners.

However, AirWrap is not for curly or diffused natural styles.

For natural curls and enhancing your curl pattern, then go with the regular Dyson hairdryer since it is amazing at diffusing your hair.

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