Drybar or T3Micro, which is the best?

by Sandra Williams
[ Hair Stylist ]

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When it comes to looking radiant, beautiful and elegant, our hair should be on the top of our To-do list. Many of us have quite an enviable attitude towards having healthy hair and an amazing look.

We don’t joke with our salon appointments, and for that we take care of our hair at home like we do there. So when we go out of the house, our hair is just as beautiful and radiant.

Overtime, we’ve also found that finding the right and convenient tools in order to have healthy hair is absolutely necessary. From rollers, curlers and even down to straighteners, we explore a wide range of hair tools and appreciate the ones that give us that salon look without going to the salon.

T3 is a brand of luxury hair tools. The brand is a blend of tech and fashion. With the introduction of tourmaline technology in their hair styling tools, my hair can look healthy, radiant, smooth and ready to go in no time. However, if you need a blowout, you should try Drybar.

Drybar is a Los Angeles hair company famous for blowouts. Blowouts is motto of the company. In my experience, a Drybar blowout can last about 45 minutes, and you can go days without redoing your hair. This brand is an array of about 92 salons, but they provide an in-home hair styling experience with their large array of tools you can choose from.

The two brands have a couple of excellent easy to use hair tools, but just like you, I’m a fan of which tool suits me best. T3 straighteners and rollers seem to be my best bet, but the Drybar digital is my preferred choice for curling irons and Drybar dryers for hairdryers.

DRYBAR VS T3 : and their best Products

The treatment and styling of one’s hair for a radiant look spans over a large range of hair tools that are easy to use. Here are some tips to choosing worth-it hair tools.


drybar buttercup review

Who doesn’t like their hair smooth and dry? Although having a lot of hair are always quite a bit to dry, there are a couple T3 and Drybar dryers to aid you with drying your hair more quickly.

Drybar buttercup dryer for example has a removable hair filter. It is light and doesn’t strain the shoulders when using it.

Also, it comes with an appreciable cord length, so I don’t stress myself out while using it. Plus, the buttercup dryer saves me the worry of a power outage, because it’s ready to go even with low power.

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T3 Featherweight luxe 2i Dryer 1

T3 also has a featherweight dryer, making it a good choice also. It dries hair faster, retains style and above all leaves hair healthy.

Both the featherweight and the buttercup dryer have temperature settings that give you more control over how your hair dries.

T3 dryers also have strain-free handles that don’t work my shoulders out and that makes the dryer feel like natural air coming out to dry my hair.

T3 Price

Drybar buttercup dryer hits the mark, because it comes with two nozzles specially made for different lengths and types of hair. The wider nozzle effectively deals with thick/long hair, since with the blowout I can get from the Drybar butterfly increased shine in my hair and most importantly healthy hair. Plus, you can get the dryer at a friendly price, and the warranty is decent.

However, when I employ the 3-day bender, the curler is hot and ready to go in minutes, which I still get amazed by each time. Plus the cord is a convenient length, giving you less inconveniences when curling your hair. Also, the curling iron has automatic shut off after about an hour, so you can eliminate worries of burning anything while getting creative with your hair. Finally, the hair locks in my curls with the bender, which makes it perfect for taking selfies.

Many people prefer to approach curling their hair or even straighten them with rollers. Nothing’s better than a good good quality set of rollers with a ridiculously simple process.

The High top drybar rollers is a set of six self-grip rollers that stay in place without additional or external pins and are easy to remove without affecting the strands of hair nor damage them. The lift on the hair is effortless, and drybar rollers will make your hair more voluminous. The top roller sets roll very easily into the hair and stay right in place. I don’t think any roller could be any easier.

Volumizing rollers luxe makes sure your hair volume and length is not a problem. This T3 rollers luxe is suitable even for shoulder length hair!

In my experience, you can even tweak the temperature settings to suit your hair type and you can monitor the desired temperature from the led indicator that comes with the luxe. Also, this particular t3 luxe is suitable for volume and textured waves and heats up quickly. And then on top of all that, it retains the heat for a long time, so you can have a lasting treatment for your hair. Although, the roller needs clips to hold them in place (and of course, these clips are freely given), it’s still so much to buy all at once. Despite that, my choice of rollers remains the volumizing luxe.


A kind of straightener that can make waves, smoothen, straighten and curl all hair types with ease tops the chart of hair tools in my book.

The drybar straighteners have temperature control mechanisms. For example, using the tress press I get a straightener that can straighten my hair in one go.  Also, you can get shiny, quick curls with it, and it includes a full hour automatic power control/shut-off for your convenience. The manner in which the hair strands align around the barrel for healthy curls and waves is just so simple. In roughly just 10 minutes, the tress press straightens and smoothen the hair for a vibrant and shiny look.

T3 Straighteners are however made to have wide plates that help the straightening of your hair in record time, since it can straighten more hair with one pass of it. One of their straighteners, the single pass X Straightener, is a decent example of this. Plus with this straightener, I could adjust the heating system to control its temperature. Also, it has auto off features for cautious styling. Moreover, the single pass X straightener allows you have lasting waves every time you use it. Being able to trap moisture into your hair is something you must experience for yourself in finding that styling secret to radiant and healthy hair.

Whether it’s this brand or that one, this model or the other, just explore and stick to what fits you best. Don’t just do your hair, make it healthy and make yourself happy with it.

Stay radiant, sunshine!

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