DryBar Buttercup Hair Dryer Review & Comparison with T3 luxe 2i

Shopping for a new hair dryer can be just as mind boggling as choosing a new hairstyle. While there is no perfect hair dryer that will solve our ever hair needs, the DryBar Buttercup certainly comes close. Thankfully with the DryBar Buttercup Blow Dryer, gone are the days of consistent arm cramps from holding my heavy blow dryer over my head for a good 45 minutes every day, with mediocre results of dry, frizzy hair that falls flat once you leave the house.

If you haven’t heard of DryBar, it’s an amazing salon with specialized in blow-outs, and only voluminous blowouts. Once you enter the salon you’re welcomed with a menu to choose how you what your blowout to be styled – what a great marketing strategy!

With all my research for this drybar buttercup blow dryer review , I learned that the Buttercup hair dry is their mascot in dryers as it comes in a cute yellow styled hair dryer. Which made it come as no surprise when I began my hunt for the next ultimate hair dryer.​

# Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer Review

With such a great hair dryer, is it no wonder why they only carry one in their line. Dry all offers the “Blowout in a Box” set to complete the Buttercup Dryer as it provides the hair essentials to create the perfect blowout without having to go to the salon.

Here is what comes in the set

    • Full pint Medium Round Brush
    • 1-ounce Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo
    • 1-ounce Weightless Conditioner
    • 1-ounce Hot Toddy Heat Protector Frizz Fighter
    • 1-ounc Paraben-fee Chaser Shine Cream

Features of Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

Nano Ionic Technology

DryBar claims that the Buttercup dryer contains Nano Ionic technology that is said to leave hair feeling hydrated, smooth and shiny and dramatically improve the condition of the hair by increasing shine and reducing the result of frizz. Nano Ionic Technology consists of a blend of minerals to conduct negative ions as the minerals in the form of Nano Beads are embedded in the heating coil and fused onto the heating shield.

Ultra-powerful 1875 watt AC Motor

With an 1875 watt motor, this dryer should be able to give you a quick and efficient dry as it is said to also contain Nano-beads which seals the cuticle – another contribution to silky, frizz-free results.

Professional 9 ft. long Cord

It has a large cord that reaches up to 9 feet with a hang loop for great storage and convenience. I like the length of it as you can definitely move around while drying your hair or if the electrical plug is quite a distance away from the mirror.

Heat and Speed settings

With the standard two power & three speed settings, it comes with the usual low – high heat settings that you can customize to your hair care needs as it operated at 120 volts.


The dryer comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


The buttercup also comes with two separate nozzles – one narrow and one wide one, to be used on the style of preference that you are trying to achieve. Particularly, the narrow nozzle is used to style bangs and specific smaller areas for precision styling, while the wider nozzle is used to liven up the natural curls and focus on the larger area of hair to help dry faster – which is great for thicker or longer hair.

Style & Design

This adorable yellow is one we would rarely see on the market, though it gives an unexpected pop of color and a sort of cheerful fun. This lightweight dryer weighs approximately 1 lb. 1 oz. and works well when you have to try your hair for a longer period of time without the annoying cramps.

Cool shot button

Just like many high end dryers, it comes with a self-locking “cold blast” button that you can just press rather than hold it down.

Pros: Why We Like It

This dryer definitely dries hair in half the time, as some would even go as far and say they’ve styled their hair in a total of 7 minutes! As the dryer includes 4 Drybar clips, they suggest working in sections to achieve smooth, silky hair. We like how customizable it is with the multiple heat settings to choose from. This blow dryer is light weight and powerful and will make you feel like a pro by mastering the blowout.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

The downside to having a quick dryer is the noise, is the power is so fast that it will leave you with less than quiet tunes while you dry your hair. One of the major claims is that this dryer will make you feel “hydrated”, which many did not.

Price and Alternative

If you’re looking for other options that are well worth the price you are willing to pay, here’s another hair dryer that we can recommend. Comparing the DryBar Buttercup and the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i may come as a bit of a tied-game as they feature almost the same goodies and accessories with minor differences.

Comparison Chart : Drybar Buttercup Vs T3


Ideal For

Heat ; Speed Settings


Noise Control





Best Price 


Buying Option

All Hair Types

3 ; 2

1 lb. 1 oz.
heavier than the T3.


2 Nozzles

Long, Coarse, Thick Hair

3 ; 2

18.5 ounces


Tourmaline 2.5 Barrel Brush

# T3 Featherweight luxe 2i Dryer

The T3 blow dryer is another powerful tool that is both efficient and definitely worth the price tag. The dryer has a light weight design with a powerful motor that will can dry long, thick hair in minutes.

For many of us, it can be a tough task when it comes to managing frizzy hair. Those will frizzy hair tend to stress more when it comes to drying and styling the hair. They want to maintain a smooth, flawless curly without having to constantly tame their hair every hour.

Luckily, today’s hair tools offer more than just simply drying wet hair. Hair dryers offer multiple heat and speed functions to suite all types of hair textures. For frizzy, curly hair – look for a diffuser option as this is the key to achieving frizzles locks and static styles.


Ionic/Tourmaline Technology

The ionic technology works by breaking down water molecules to smoothen the hair cuticle as the Ceramic provides infrared heat that will evenly dry the hair from the inside out. The dryer is enhanced with an ion generator that dries hair in half the time which mean there will be no excessive heat that can damage not only the strands but hair follicles as well.

T3 SoftAire Technology

With the T3 Tourmaline SoftAire Technology, this dryer provides healthy, beautiful hair in half the time. With a specially-engineered fan, this helps generate a high volume of air through the dryer at a soft, gentle speed to help enrich it with infrared heat and negative ions.

1800 watt Power Motor

The 1800 watts power motor dryer is patented with tourmaline infusion that seals the hair cuticles to lock moisture in and helps release healthy infrared heat and negative ions for healthier hair and faster results.

Multiple Heat and Speed settings

The T3 featherweight comes with 2 speeds and 3 heat settings, along with cool shot button and a tourmaline concentrator.

Cool Shot Button

The cool burst of air will help lock in style for smooth results.


The dryer comes complete with a 2-year compressive coverage and support warranty.


The T3 comes with one nozzle and a 2.5-inch round, tourmaline barrel brush to help result salon-quality results for shine, enhanced volume, reduce frizz, and well-vented voluminous curls.

Style and Design

The ultra-sleek lightweight black dryer weighs lighter than most dryers and offers an ergonomic handle with an angled design for comfortable handling and easy on the wrists.

Long 9 ft. Power Cord

Just like the DryBar, the T3 comes with a professional 9 foot cord that makes dry time more accessible.

Lightweight & Quiet

The well balanced weight design offers a comfortable hold and operates quietly even at full blast.

Pros: Why We Like It

As a four-time winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award, the T3 has been clinically proven to help dry hair faster as much as 75% with the capability to generate large air volumes as the air is released at optimal speed. A notable perk to the T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer is how this powerful dryer isn’t crazy loud. Its sleek design is light weight which makes it easier to hold for long periods of time if needed. The high durable motor promises salon quality results in half the time as many have insisted that it dries medium-textured hair in as little as 7 minutes – making this dryer the ultimate game changer to quick drying hair dryers.

In addition to the quick drying speed, the dryer offers an ergonomically designed handle which will leave you without any strains during drying time. We also like the 2.5” barrel-type brush that is included as it helps reduce frizz and boosts the hairs natural shine.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

While the Drybar has a cool shot button, the T3 cool shot button does require you to hold the button down for cold air. Some have reported that the control buttons aren’t conveniently located, which does make it more difficult to use. Others also don’t agree with the product being considered as lightweight.


The price range for the Buttercup dryer and T3 Featherweight dryer is quite steep for a hair dryer, especially if you’re used to seeing the usual drugstore hairdryers for $19.99. But if you dry your hair almost every day, this would save more than if you were to head to the salon every time you had a special occasion. For me, a great blow-out with salon-quality results is something I am willing to invest in.​

To sum up....

As both of these dryers are great for cutting down dry time and both offer awesome results with healthy, frizzles hair – it is no wonder why each are nominated for QVC’s Customer Choice Beauty Award. While T3’s design is sleek and white, Drybar is bold and yellow – both will leave a chic tool on your counter. You are most welcome to check out other hair dryer reviews.

Drybar Buttercup

T3 Featherweight luxe 2i

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