Top 11 Men's Shampoo for Dry Hair & Expert's Tips

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You may think that your styling products are the key to your hair care routine, however this should begin with your shampoo!

Using the wrong shampoo won't completely wreck your hair but it can prevent you from seeing its full potential.

Dry hair can be a common problem amongst men, but the good news is it is easily resolved. It can cause the hair to look frizzy, matt-looking, and it can feel very straw-like, after a while this may become hard to style.

Dry hair can be caused by numerous things:

  • Product build up
  • Heat styling
  • General hair texture
  • UV damage

If you find that you struggle to remove product build up, here is a little tip for you!

  1. Firstly invest in a deep cleansing shampoo, this is my favourite-
BC BONACURE Deep Cleansing Micellar Shampoo, 33.8-Ounce

2. Apply the shampoo to DRY hair and scrub. The shampoo will not lather but it will help to remove the layers of product build up.

3. Rinse.

4. Shampoo and condition as normal.

We can counteract dry hair by using the correct after care products. There is a big market now for shampoos, and it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to deciding which one is for you.

A good quality shampoo can really make all the difference to your hair, they are designed to remove dirt, pollution and product from the hair as well as depositing much needed ingredients into the hair.

For dry hair we need a shampoo that provides moisture.

As a hair stylist I always recommend using a professional shampoo, these are specifically designed to target your hair care needs, and you will really get some great benefits from them.

I am going to share with you the 6 most popular shampoos for dry hair...

Popular shampoos for dry hair

This is a really good shampoo! It is ideal for daily use and it will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth.

Benefits of this shampoo include:

This shampoo is a really good moisturising product, that leaves the hair feeling fresh and soft.

Benefits of this shampoo include:

This is a really great daily shampoo for dry hair.

Benefits of this shampoo include:

This shampoo targets the scalp as well as the hair, so it will provide relief to dryness on both the hair and scalp.

Benefits of this shampoo include:

This is a really good moisturising shampoo for both the hair and scalp.

Benefits of this shampoo include:

This is a great natural shampoo that targets both the hair and scalp.

Benefits of this shampoo include:

Some other really great moisturizing shampoos are:

Also read our hair volumizing shampoos review Page.

Once you have picked your shampoo, you just need to ensure you are using it in the correct way.

  1. Completely saturated the hair with water before you begin or use the product build up tip.
  2. Put a small amount of product in the palm of your hands, the size of a 50-cent coin, and smooth over the whole of the hair.
  3. Your first shampoo may not lather due to product or oil build up; you can always add a bit more water if you need too. Lather using the pads of your fingers.
  4. Rinse and repeat, the second shampoo will deposit the moisturizing ingredients.
  5. Run the conditioner through the mid-lengths and ends.
  6. Rinse, dry and style as you normally would.

Using all these steps will really help to transform your hair and scalp from dry to soft and manageable.

You can still style your hair with your usual products but by using the correct shampoo you are providing your hair with what it needs beforehand.

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