Long Handled Brush (2022 Reviews and A Hairstylist's Advice)

by Lauren Gilmore
[ Hair Stylist and Educator ]

Long handled brushes are great for numerous reasons; however, they are surprisingly hard to get your hands on!

They are available mainly online, but you may be able to find them in some pharmacies and mobility shops.

Why Would I Pick A Long-Handled Brush Over My Normal Hairbrush?

Long handled brushes are ideal for anyone with limited arm or shoulder movement.

These allow for greater independence when brushing. They are generally designed to be ultra-lightweight, and to reduce stress on joints, making it a more comfortable experience.

These are Suitable for:

  • Anyone suffering with arthritis.
  • Anyone suffering with a frozen shoulder.
  • Shoulder injuries.
  • Arm injuries.
  • Limited arm movement.
  • The elderly.
  • Both Men and Women.
  • For all ages.

It is common in salons for clients to come in on a more regular basis if they do struggle with styling their own hair.

I think it is really great that these brushes are now available, as they give people their independence back, which can be life changing!

I am going to share with you some of my favorite long handled brushes.

Top 4 Handled Hairbrushes in 2023 

1. Vansun Long Reach Handled Comb and Hair Brush Set

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These tools are designed to make life easier for anyone that suffers with limited arm or shoulder movement.

They are great for any type; short, medium and long, as well as straight, wavy or curly.

The benefits of this brush are:

  • This brush is very tough and durable.
  • The handle is covered in rubber making it easy to handle and no-slip.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • They measure between 36cm and 38cm.

2. RHome Long Reach Long Handled Brush

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This brush is designed for hand-disabled people such as those with low-dexterity or arthritis, it enables them to be able to brush their own hair.

It can be used on any hair type.

The benefits of this brush are:

  • Non-slip handle.
  • It has an extra-long handle and curved shape, allowing for minimal arm movement.
  • Suitable for daily use.

3. Hair Comb and Brush with Long Reach Handle

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This brush and comb set promotes independent living, allowing you to brush your hair without assistance.

The benefits of this brush are:

  • It has a rubber handle making it non-slip.
  • Both the brush and comb are made in a curved design for minimal movement.
  • The length of the brush is 35cm.
  • The length of the comb is 38cm.
  • It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Like these other brushes this one is also a life changer which I 100% recommend as it really helps to improve your independence.

4. Etac Hair Washer Brush

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This brush is designed for anyone that struggles to wash their hair themselves, it substitutes the fingers to apply shampoo and massage the scalp.

The benefits of this brush are:

  • The handle is made of rubber, making it non-slip.
  • It is curved allowing for minimal movement.
  • The brush will stimulate the scalp.

This teamed with one of the long-handled hair brushes will really make a difference to your life!

The Brushes Can Also Be Used to Apply Product into The Hair Before Styling:

  1. Spray your desired product onto the comb, such as mousse or cream.
  2. Use your comb to comb the product throughout the whole of the hair.
  3. Ensure you have covered all the hair and then give the hair a good comb through.

As a whole these brushes and combs will really improve your hair care routine, as well as ensuring you are completely independent!

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