Babyliss Pro 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer Review

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With advanced ionic technology, the BaByliss Pro 2800 super turbo hair dryer is quite capable of getting rid of hair frizz and cutting drying time in half. Its porcelain ceramic material gives ultimate infrared heat that is generated to give not only shine but luster to the hair. The BaByliss Pro 2800 also guarantees to provide just enough time to dry the hair without risk of over drying and damaging your precious locks.

The design of the hair dryer is quite a professional hair tool as the features of this BaByliss Pro comes surprisingly compatible with the needs of everyday users. You can dry your hair straight without even having to use a flat iron after, which is a great value for your money. Let’s take a better look at what this professional dryer has to offer.

Review on Babyliss Pro 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer


Best use for

The BaByliss Pro 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer is best used for those with thick, natural, curly hair due to the powerful 2000-watt AC motor.

Ionic Technology

The built-in ionic technology means a larger number of ions that is to be emitted to help break down such water molecules to make the hair dry faster. It is environmental friendly with practically zero ozone emissions.

Removable filters

The filters are removable which makes for user-friendly care and maintenance to expand the lifespan of the dryer.

Multiple Settings

The BaByliss Pro 2800 is equipped with 6 heat and speed settings to offer the user several combinations for the right dry heat and style.


The BaByliss Pro blow dryer provides a narrow concentrated nozzle with enables the dryer to provide top-quality air pressure to dry hair.

2000 Watts Motors

The hair dryer offers an extremely powerful motor of great capacity as it not only dries hair fast but also gives it a great amount of shine and luster.

Porcelain Ceramic

The commercial grade material of porcelain ceramic helps to ensure consistence and even distribution of heat throughout your head.

Cold Shot Button

The dryer is equipped with a cold shot button to give a nice setting blast to the hair.

Extended life AC Motor

The extended life AC motor helps to get the most use for the user.

Ergonomically-designed Handles

Its ergonomically-designed handle helps to reduce any potential hand strains, which is always a constant struggle when handing a hair dryer for long periods of time.

Pros: Why We Like It

Without a doubt, the BaByliss pro blow dryer is one of the most powerful hair dryers available on the market today as it was intended for professional use by hairstylists. Professional as it may be, we like how suitable it can also be for home use to help provide a noticeably healthy looking and shinier hair in just a few minutes. We like the ionic technology as the negative ions are generated to make the hair healthier and shiner. This also makes the ions lock into the hairs natural moisture as well as seal it into the hair’s cuticles for better protection against over drying and damage.

Additionally, with the BaByliss Pro 2800, it gives your hair great results with a fast blowout without risks of burning your hair.

Cons: Parts We Don't Like

With all the great reviews for this model, some users have reported that the dryer may be a little too loud while in use. It is also said to be a bit heavier and bulkier compared to other models in its category. We hoped that the diffuser was to be included in the set, but it has to be purchased separately from the dryer. Also, this dryer isn’t considered to be suitable for fine hair, due to the high wattage.


According to number users, this BaByliss Pro dryer may be cheaper than most professional dryers, but the longevity of the dryer is of great quality. We truly think this model is such a steal for its price tag as you can do so much with it. With the quality of the features offered, it meets both the needs of professional salons as well as at-home users. Babyliss Pro 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer

What Users Say About the Babyliss Pro 2800

Based on the reviews on Amazon, most users gave this model a perfect rating of 5/5 stars. While the cons of the model seems to be based on the heaviness and bulkiness of the model, we are quite convinced that this BaByliss model is highly durable and built quite solid. Many users also mention how affordable the price is, especially when you’re looking for a great dryer on a budget. A common feature many customers have agreed on what just how fast the hair dries while providing extra shine and eliminating frizz.

Users with coarse, thick hair have also reported that the Pro dryer has proven to dry their hair in a short amount of time along with no longer needed to use a flat iron afterwards.

In brief, not all dryers are made equal, and this model definitely defines that. For the price, it sounds like a great deal as you can have an excellent quality model, rather than to get a cheaper model with inferior performing leaving you with major regrets, and not to mention frizz! Many users have reported that this product is truly a great value for your money – which says a lot of this specific model.

So should you buy the BaByliss Pro 2800 super turbo hair dryer? Well, based on the highly positive reviews, this hair dryer model is definitely considered to be worth the purchase as it offers a great amount of usable features, as well as durability and longevity. You can consider this to be a long-term investment for a high-quality hair tool that will give you a salon- quality every day in the comfort of your own home.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to have a professional hair dryer that you can use any time of the day without having to book an appointment at the salon? If this dryer doesn’t meet your needs or you have fine/thin hair, we suggest taking a look at the over available BaByliss models that will be more suitable to meet your hair’s needs.

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