Avon Hair Brush Reviews : What I liked so much about them

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Avon has some really beautiful affordable brushes for all hair types.

It is really important to find the right hairbrush for your hair type and also when to use it.

Did you know that you are only meant to use a wide tooth comb to comb wet hair and a brush is generally used for dry hair?

This is to prevent the brush from putting too much tension on the wet hair causing it to snap.

Let’s have a look at a few of the brushes that Avon have to offer...

To start this item is a MUST HAVE to use on all of your brushes.

This tool will change your life! No more ruining combs when trying to clean your hairbrushes.

Everyone should have one of these in their kit.

This hairbrush is great for thicker hair types to help detangle the hair, it is also good to use when blow-drying, to help smooth the hair out.

The soft cushion ensures bristles aren't too harsh on the scalp and the Ionic Technology helps smooth the look of split ends, reduce frizz and eliminate static.

A great thing about this brush is that it is cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and it is made from recycled content.

This brush is perfect for curly hair!

It creates a smooth and sleek style and is a great alternative to a diffuser for curly hair. This brush is made with Ceramic Technology, it retains heat for the perfect temperature to speed up styling.

This brush is also cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and it is made from recycled content.

This brush comes in either small or large.

The large brush is for creating a bouncy effect on longer hair types, whereas the small brush is for creating volume on short and fine hair types.

Both brushes are made with Ceramic Technology, to retain heat for the perfect temperature to speed up styling and are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and it is made from recycled content.

I love these brushes for when blow-drying my own hair as they are light and easy to use and they give the hair a good amount of volume.

This is another must have tool for your styling kit! When used in the correct way these brushes can create beautiful natural volume.

It has natural boar hair bristles to tease superficial layers of hair and nylon bristles to reach deeper layers of hair, for up or down styles.

To use simply take the section of hair you want volume in, put the brush in at the middle of the hair and slowly push the brush down to the root. Repeat this technique in the areas you want volume and leave the last section to brush over the top.

This brush is so pretty and is the perfect addition to your handbag.

It has a handy mirror on one side and a brush on the other, so you can always check your hair on the go.

It also works amazing on any hair type.

Pearl pink hair brush

I love the design on this brush, it is very cute. It is good for all hair types and works great when blow-drying for a smooth finish.

Lily Floral brush

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All in all, Avon have hairbrushes for all hair types and styles, the brushes are durable and affordable, while still looking professional, which make them really appealing.

I love them and I would definitely recommend them all!

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