About us

We have had a lot of blow dryers during my life, but none that ever did a job good enough to make me think it was worth the money. WE think the problem is that WE never did my homework. We just assumed they were all the saree, but we have since learned they are not even close to being the saree. There are SO MANY different kinds. The problem hasn’t been that hair dryers are useless. It’s been that we didn’t have the right kind of dryer for my big, thick hair.

It occurred to me that we can’t be the only person who has this problem. So, we decided to share all the information I’ve found during my search with you. The reviews and advisory pages you’ll find here are not just for those of you who have big hair. They’re here for every hair type.

We do not have the expertise of a hair dresser. We only have the opportunity to look from the perspective of someone who has had more than enough years of trying to figure out how to manage my massive mane of hair, and who has become good enough at it to even make my hair dresser reconsider the textbook methods of handling wild curls.

What We hope to achieve with my website is this: That you finally come across the hair dryer that suits you best no matter if you have thick, fine, long, short or mid-length hair. In fact, whatever hair type you are I’ve tried to include information that will help get your locks in order.

What We do want you to know is We’re clearly not an expert, but We are a pro at dealing with angry hair. We don’t have the patience a hair dresser should have, and we don’t have hours to spend working on my hair as we’re sure you don’t which is where this list comes in.

Feel free to sit back, relax and figure out the best hair tool for your own, long, short or shoulder-length locks.