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About us

Prohairblog was founded by Nafisul Islam; an Aspiring digital marketer and entrepreneur. Co-founder Stephanie Sanchez made it possible for prohairblog to standout among popular beauty blogs that provide reliable and factual information to their audience.

Edited and vetted by Stephanie Sanchez, Prohairblog welcome industry experienced writers who cover various hair related topics, guides, news and each writer's secret tips!

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Authors & Editors

Prohairblog has always been committed to curating helpful and reliable contents. We have a pool of talented authors who are practically involved in the beauty industry.

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Noele Peters

Hair Dress & Salon Owner

lauren gilmore prohairblogcom

Lauren Gilmore

Hair Stylist and Educator

Tara Smith Prohairblogcom new

Lauren Gilmore

Hair Stylist

Ashlee Zlotnick phb new

Ashlee Zlotnick

Skin Care Specialist & Makeup Artist

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Sandra Williams

Noele Peters

Hair Dresser

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