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helen of troy

Helen Of Troy Hair Dryer Reviews

Helen of Troy introduced their first hair tools in 1975, providing salons with dryers and curling irons.  Nowadays, the Helen of Troy brand has become a formidable manufacturer in the home and beauty sector. Years ago, I remembered seeing hair tools with the ”Helen of Troy” name on them. In my investigation for this article, […]

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conair dryer

Best Conair Hair Dryer Reviews : List of Top 3

With lives getting busier than ever before, we find it difficult to take out time for self even though we do realize its consequences. As a first cause, lack of proper diet contributes to hair damage. On top of it, we ignore the quality of hair products that we use. We buy and use random […]

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babyliss 2800

Babyliss Pro 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer Review

With advanced ionic technology, the BaByliss Pro 2800 super turbo hair dryer is quite capable of getting rid of hair frizz and cutting drying time in half. Its porcelain ceramic material gives ultimate infrared heat that is generated to give not only shine but luster to the hair. The BaByliss Pro 2800 also guarantees to […]

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blow dryers under 50

Can Hair Dryer Damage your Hair?

The extreme heat from hair-dryers (and from curling irons) causes the water under the cuticles (the outermost layer of the hair) to form bubbles that stress and break the hair. The tiles that cover the hair dislodge and your hair handles water like an unroofed house. You'll get those dreaded split ends and your collie's […]

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Female hair loss

Does Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss?

A lot of people are worried about the question mentioned above. They even fear to wash their hair regularly thinking that it will lead to a rapid hair loss in the near time. If you are extremely concerned about hair loss, the best thing to do is to steer clear of artificial styling as much […]

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hair dryer plane allowed

Are Hair Dryers Allowed on Plane?

A lot of people find it difficult to pack their bag for travel. Although it is blatant that one has to think a lot about what to carry and what not. One such thing that comes to minds is Hair dryer. For all those cautious about their hair it has been of significance importance in […]

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harry josh pro tools 2000 review

Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000 Review

Who doesn’t dream of having a great blow out every day that looks like you stepped out of the salon? I might admit choosing the right tools may come at a high quality – mainly due to the quality of the tools. While the lucky few can start their day with newly washed and air-dried […]

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