Top 10 Salon Quality Hair Dryers You can use at Home

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

I think it is fantastic that you are able to have access to some of the best quality hair dryers on the market today with a click of a button.

For years I’m sure, you have gone into a salon and walked out feeling amazing with hair that has no frizz and a blow wave that has lasted for a few days with volume in your hair.  I bet you have thought to yourself “why can’t I do this too?”

“Why doesn’t my blow dry last when I do it myself?”

Well now you can achieve the results that your hair stylist creates with the following high end hair dryers.

I have so many different reasons for my personal favorite quality hair dryer and in this article you will find so much information on the technology each dryer gives that you will be “blown” away by the choices you have. I would buy them all!

Top 10 Salon Quality Hair Dryers Are Listed Below

1. Dyson Supersonic

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This dryer has been designed for speed when drying hair, very light in weight and minimal noise level.  The Dyson prides itself with intelligent heat control offering immense shine on the hair with optimum temperature helping to prevent damage.

It is lightweight and with the motor being moved onto the handle, it has enabled the dryer to be more balanced.

Less damaged hair reflects lights in a single direction making the hair appear shiny.”  this just makes so much sense to me.

I have personally found while using this dryer, that you need to slow down your speed at which you pull your brush through, for optimum results.

2. Elchim Classic 2001

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This dryer has ceramic technology which eliminates frizz in the hair by distributing heat evenly and reducing heat.  It does not produce as many negative ions as ionic hair dryers, but is quick drying and light in weight.

It has been awarded twice with the prestigious “Allure Best” prize and it's been said to be the best hair dryer. 

It comes with 2 speeds and 5 temperature controls and has high pressure air compression technology.

It guarantees 2000 working hours which is a big plus for me. This tells me this dryer is a real work horse.

I love the bold red and black color.

3. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic

I’m drawn to the word healthy, which for me means I’m in good hands with the powerful hair dryer.

This hairdryer prides itself with the right combination of air flow, heat and power.  This ionic ceramic hair dryer reduces drying time, and its air flow makes hair glossy by eliminating static due to the ionic ceramic system.

Having done some research on this dryer I think this is a great investment.  It includes both ceramic and ionic properties which is appealing.

4. GHD Helios

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This baby comes in with speed and styling control.

This dryer has a unique Aeroprecis technology that streamlines the airflow. It is lightweight and ergonomically balanced so you can style and blow wave your hair. It has been designed to give the hair 30% more shine. The airflow is 120km/h for faster drying.  It's low in sound and has temperature controls.

Fun Fact

Did you know GHD stands for Good Hair Days? This in itself should say it all, wouldn’t you agree?

5. Gama Professional

Perfect drying and styling is promised with their advanced Oxy active technology to improve health and wellness of your hair.  This dryer is by far the lightest dryer and dries up to 7 times quicker than any other professional dryer.

It comes complete with being the lightest dryer in its class and a 1700 watt motor.

I love the streamlined look of this dryer and if it can dry 7 times quicker, then this dryer is for me.

6. Parlux 3200

This dryer comes in various models from 2000 right through to 3800.  Obviously the entry level does not have features such as ceramic ionic however, it is reliable and ideal for those who don’t want too much power.

The dryers with higher wattage i.e. 3200, includes ceramic and ionic technology for smoother and shinier hair.

This dryer is equipped with a well tested Ciaramella K-lamination motor for a longer life and more powerful dryer.

It has 2 speeds and an instant cold shot button.

The Parlux is a very popular, well recognized dryer used by stylists.

7. Hot Tools Ionic 2200 Turbo

I’m not that wild by the look of this dryer, however my findings on it are something to talk about.

Hot Tools ensures the best drying technology offered by themselves.  The dryer is ionic, which pushes a high volume of ions into the air and breaks apart water molecules allowing for faster drying time.  The feature of ionic output is amazing as you can adjust it according to your hair type and humidity conditions to control your hair. 

A big factor here is the 6 speed heat control

It includes a cool shot button for setting your hair, removable cap to clean the filter, heat settings for all hair types and ion setting to control frizz.

8. Jinri Professional Salon Ionic

This dryer is light weight which always helps when styling long hair. 

It comes with a professional AC motor that dries the hair with the least damage. 

It has ionic technology and avoids build up of static on the head!

The AC motor makes this dryer efficient and longer lasting.  It’s infrared heat penetrates the hair and heats from the inside out.

9. Berta Professional Negative Ionic Professional 1875

This dryer, as I have previously stated, has a lower wattage then the rest of the dryers, I’ve chosen for the simple reason that you may not want excessive power blown onto your hair and possibly feel that a lower wattage will give you more control over your hair.

I do believe a slower dryer can be better for fine damaged hair.

This dryer is powered by millions of negative ions and comes with 2 speed and 3 heat controls including a cool shot button.  It prides itself with a low noise factor.

This dryer has is all – Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic technology which reduces frizz and enhances shine.

10. Chi Rocket Hair Dryer

This dryer has a powerful 1800 watt motor and is lightweight.

It has a cool shot button too!

The main attraction for me on this dryer is that the infrared light indicator lets you know when the dryer is producing infrared and ionic heat.

It uses negative ions to break moisture down in the hair and reduces frizz and static electricity.

Apart from the words ionic, infrared and negative ions, I’m sure you have noticed an unfamiliar word come up on the Chi low EMF hair dryer which hasn’t been used in this article yet.

This stands for electromagnetic field and low means this dryer generates a harmless amount of EMF radiation due to the technology in the hair dryers motor.

I’m sure you are wondering if all dryers give off EMF?

To answer that question YES they do, but remember that these professional dryers and their manufacturers are constantly increasing their technology enabling dryers to emit low EMF which is built into the dryers motors.

I hope I have helped you when you select your next high end hair dryer off Amazon.  The reviews of each and every dryer have enough stars to make you purchase the best hair dryer easily when selecting what is best for you.

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