Relaxing Hair Without Chemicals: How

by Tara Smith
[ Hair Stylist ]

The quest for finding a way to straighten hair without the use of chemicals and actually have the hair stay for more than a day has been sought after for decades. The truth is there is no true way to relax the hair and retexturize the hair strand without the use of chemicals.

While, yes, there may be some relaxers that are not as high in strength or intensity as other relaxers, a lot of the time they are still utilizing the same or similar chemicals. For an individual that is on the search for a relaxer without chemicals, I would, instead, lead her to relaxers that are gentler on the hair and scalp and have a more natural approach.

It must be understood that the reason a relaxer that straightens the hair without chemicals just as effectively as a relaxer with chemicals has not been created yet is because it is extremely hard to beat sodium hydroxide. It is because of this chemical that relaxers are quick and quite potent.

The likelihood of a “relaxer” without chemicals getting your hair as straight and sleek as a relaxer with chemicals is very slim. If anything, a product that claims to relax your hair yet has no chemicals will more than likely, at most, elongate the natural curl pattern, not completely retexturize it.

Here are two products, one without chemicals and one with, that I think would be suitable options for a person on the quest for a relaxer without chemicals. Here they are!

Best Hair Relaxer without Chemicals

Baka Beauty Natural-Laxer Mix

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This is a product that claims to be a “natural relaxer”. As mentioned earlier, there isn’t really a natural relaxer. Rather it appears to be an intensive, multi-step deep conditioning treatment.

Designed to combat dry hair and scalp and breakage, this product truly does exactly that. Does this result in bone straight hair? Absolutely not. However, it does create increased manageability which is always good.

Steps include a Natural-Laxer Mix, Rose Water, and Argan Oil, meaning moisture levels are way up. It is a fact that the more moisture your hair has, natural Afrro hair, at least, the more manageable and elongated your curls will look.

Natural hair that is dry and dehydrated will look frizzy and unattractive. If looking for a product that is all-natural, supports manageability, and elongates your curls, look no further than this!

PHYTO SPECIFIC Relaxer Index 1 Botanical No-Lye Relaxer

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Now, here is a product that is not completely free of chemicals. However, as mentioned before, it does have a more natural and gentler approach.

While the active ingredient in many other relaxers on the market is sodium hydroxide,  derived from chemical composition, this relaxer’s active ingredients are 100% naturally derived.

This can automatically give you confidence that while your hair will be re-texturized, it will more than likely not result in that trademark relaxer straight look that a lot of us are used to.

This product specifically is the less intense version of an alternate relaxer that they use. Though both contain active ingredients that are of natural origin, I recommended this product because of its lesser and gentler strength.

So ok! Now that we are understanding that getting the sleekest, straightest result from a relaxer without chemicals might not be an option for us if that’s what we’re looking for. So, what do we do? Change our wants or expectations? Well, maybe a little bit of both.

As mentioned before the chemicals used to straighten the hair in a typical relaxer are strong, potent, and incredibly effective. That is why there doesn’t seem to be a relaxer without chemicals that can combat this level of straightness.

Obtaining super sleek hair through the use of chemicals is not the end of the health of your hair. Instead, it is just a new chapter of taking care of your hair. Perhaps you are a person who doesn’t even really want to have their hair completely straight, maybe just their curls stretched for easier maintenance.

Then maybe one of these products could be a good fit for you. Perhaps your hair is already pretty loosely curled and you want a straighter look, then one of these products might fit the bill.

Either way, straight hair can be achieved by varying means. With chemicals or without chemicals just be sure to put the health of your hair first!

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