Magicurl Reviews and Available Alternatives

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

I have always loved the options that we have been given such as styling our hair with a Curling iron that won’t damage hair.  The beauty industry has come so far taking care of our needs and its exciting to see how advanced it has become.

If you are a stylist then making curls with a flat iron is more than likely easy for you as you are standing above the hair and have a lot more control then someone who’s sitting down and trying to grab the back of their hair.

It can become a relentless job and you can land up getting your iron stuck in your hair and burning it.

Wands are a little easier to use for us that have two left hands so to speak.

You are still going to have to section your hair off if you want consistency through your hair leaving an amazing result of long locks.

After you have dried your hair off, apply a heat protector to your hair.

Section your hair and start making your curls. Be adventurous and try different angles for different looks.

I love the effect the wand gives as you still get volume from the root area, but not a wild look when you are finished styling your hair.

I find the best result is to take a wide tooth comb and comb the curls through to loosen them up.

The Magicurl will do all of this for you while keeping your hair in its best healthy state. There’s nothing better than walking out the door to work with bouncy, stylish hair giving you confidence to begin your day.

TIP: if you want your curls to cascade into the middle of the back of your hair creating a waterfall effect then you need to curl your hair going in one direction on the left and the opposite direction on the right side of the head.  Try not to curl following the same direction all around your head or you will not get a great styling effect.

Things to consider when buying a product with direct heat access to your hair is always the technology that a brand can offer you as well as how quickly and effortlessly you can do your own hair.

H2D 3 – in – 1 Magicurl

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This is a great investment especially if you have girls like I do and various different lengths of hair in your home.

This wand comes with 3 interchangeable wands for different size curls.  Smaller wand for a ringlet effect on long hair or a curl on short hair and bigger wands for softer loose curls.

Features are:

  • 180 degree swivel cord
  • Tourmaline wands which are light in weight
  • Free heat resistant glove, you will need this for sure
  • Free heat resistant heat mat
  • Three year new or old warranty
  • I’m going to touch on the technology of this wand as it really is worth while knowing about it should you consider it.
  • The size rods are 19mm, 25mm and 32mm

Tourmaline Technology – the Magicurl wand is able to generate negative charged ions which seal your cuticles with moisture and keep it frizz free.  The polished tourmaline infused wand gives amazing results with cascading stunning curls.

Infrared output – this technology will soften each strand of your hair which transmits deep penetrating heat directly onto the cortex meaning your hair has less heat exposure and is gentle on the outer surface of the hair.

Rapid high power adjustable heat – heats up quickly to 210 degrees which is perfect to create curls in just a few seconds, but also stay all day in your hair.

H2D Black Magicurl Grand Hair Curling Wand

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This comes with some of its own technology taking your hair from flat to fabulous in minutes.

Its cutting edge technology generates negatively charged iron particles that will protect our hair and heat it from the inside out.

It promises to keep your curls all day long.

It’s features are similar to the 3 in 1 wand except the barrels are not interchangeable.

Features are:

  • Tourmaline Conical Wand – keep in mind this is a step up from ceramic
  • Infrared Output
  • Rapid high power adjustable heat
  • It is lightweight, and the barrel tapers from 18mm to 25mm, giving you great root lift with the larger end
  • Free heat resistant glove but not a heat pad so be careful where you put your iron while its on.
  • Leaves your hair feeling glossy all day

H2D Magicurl Reverse Waver Hair Curling Wand

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I wasn’t sure what the reverse meant in this heading until I had a closer look at this wand.

The smallest part of this wand is at the base of the handle and the largest part at the end.

Interesting to say the least but come to think of it if you are looking for a looser wave on the ends this wand could work for you.  The tighter curl on the root is going to give volume while leaving the ends looser.

Some people love the effect as it gives off more of a wave as opposed to a curl.

This wand is for fine medium length hair.

It must also be noted that it can be used on thick frizzy hair as per a review I found. I think this is fantastic as it's an all rounder wand but I would rather consider the 3 in 1 Magicurl for thicker hair with changeable nozzles.

Features are:

  • The reverse conical polished tourmaline infused surface ensues flowing beach waves in
  • your hair without frizz
  • 25mm – 13mm diameter
  • Infrared – softening each strand of hair
  • Rapid high power heat – 22 degrees Celsius curls take seconds to form.

Although all wands come with a long cord it has been found that some people are not wild about it as it tends to be a bit heavy thus causing the wand to fall off the table so just be made aware of that.


  • Will this wand damage my hair?

No not with the technology that it prides itself with.  Extra care has been put into this product to ensure best results

  • Can I use a wand if my hair is colored?

Yes, it will created absolute shine and lock your color in with its Tourmaline technology

  • Can I use my wand from wet to dry hair?

Absolutely not! Wands are to be used on dry hair with a heat protector

  • Will I have volume in my hair?

Yes, straight from the root

  • Will I have curls the next day?

More than likely not as the curl will drop through the day

  • Can I curl my hair again without washing it?

Yes, you can over the hair again, but ensure you have applied more heat protector to you hair

  • Can I curl my hair every day?

I would not suggest it as direct heat on the hair constantly can cause damage over a long period of time

A   Curling iron for beach waves will give you a similar effect as a wand, the only difference is that you have control of the size of your curl with a wand and the tension on the hair when you wrap your hair.  Its easier to get the end of the hair curled as you can hold it there.  Make sure you wear your protective glove though or you will burn your hand. The direction in which you hold your wand will determine your curl.

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