How to add Volume to Curly Hair Roots

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

In this article I’m going to explain the different ways you can obtain volume on your roots with curly hair.

I’m also going to list some tips when it comes to using products.

Blow drying with a diffuser

This attachment has been around for years and is the most useful tool to have if you have curly hair as it not only gives you volume but eliminates frizz that comes with blow drying curly hair

  • Step 1

Shampoo your hair either with a deep cleanse shampoo ( this is designed to remove any product build up on the scalp and hair) or with volumizing shampoo.

Either shampoo is going to help you with creating volume.

Naturally curly hair lacks moisture so it is only natural to think you will need a moisturizing shampoo to add moisture, however if you want to create volume it isn’t advisable to use this shampoo.

Rather use a moisturizing conditioner.

  • Step 2

Once you have finished shampooing and conditioning your hair now is the time to comb your hair.

Remember we always comb curly hair when it’s wet.

This is the only time your hair is combed and never brushed.

Choose your best volumizing hair products being either mousse or best sprays for perfect volume concentrate applying to your root area only.

Comb the product through to ensure even distribution

  • Step 3

Place your diffuser on your hairdryer and flip your head upside down this will give you more volume on your roots.

  • Step 4

Push your hair section by section into your diffuser and up onto your root.

Avoid circular movement as you will create frizz.

This is a slow process as the air doesn’t blow out strong at all.

If your ends dry quicker then your roots, apply the diffuser to the roots only to dry them.

  • Step 5

Once all your hair is dry remove your diffuser and blast your hair slightly on the roots only to give it more movement.

Make sure your hair is dry completely as if it isn’t you will lose your volume very quickly.

  • Step 6

Once your hair is dry flip your hair back up

You should have amazing volume that will last all day.

  • Step 7

Usually if you sleep with curly hair it is flat the next morning or frizzy.

This is easy to fix.

Spray your hair with a spray bottle, the water will reactivate your products and repeat steps 3-5.

The next technique is using a pick

This is a super quick and easy way for volume

  • Step 1

Once your hair is dry take your pick, place it on your roots and gently lift your hair in an upward motion.

  • Step 2

Only lift your hair with your pick underneath your hair.

  • Step 3

Do not use your pick on the top of your hair as it can create frizz!

Volume can be created with this technique but it can take a while and a lot of patience.

This is great for shoulder length hair.

  • Step 1

Prepare your hair by shampooing as explained earlier in my article

  • Step 2

Prepare your hair with volume products that you have chosen to suit your hair needs

  • Step 3

Take small sections and roll your hair up into a curl formation, insert your clip. Make sure the curl is slightly off the root as this gives more volume.

  • Step 4

Make sure you use plastic duck bill clips so that you don’t burn your scalp while you dry your hair later on with a dryer.

  • Step 5

Once your hair is completely dry remove all the clips and gently with your fingers work through your hair.


Visit your stylist and get a great haircut!!

Curly hair tends to grow out like a teepee and not down. If you layer it ,it will remove the bulk and give you a more round effect on your face, creating volume all over and lifting those roots!

Use your hands!

Fluff your roots up with your hands by massaging the root area

Stay away from the ends or they will frizz

Separate your curls to create more volume over your entire hair.

Tips for great volume every time.
  • Remember to use a clarifying shampoo especially if you have old products in your hair.
  • Choose a volumizing mousse, cream or spray that is suited to your hair type
  • Invest in curly hair extensions! These are great for volume and easy to put in and remove.
  • Change your parting over daily, this forces your hair in the opposite direction and will give you volume
  • Use dry shampoo, this is a quick fix to remove any oils from your scalp that may be dragging your hair down
  • Invest in a salon volumizing shampoo and Best volumizing conditioners recommended by your stylist.
  • Try not to wash your hair everyday.
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