Best Volumizing Sprays for your Hair (2022 Reviews)

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

Each product house listed below truly believes in their own product as being the best on the market.

Not all volumizing sprays will work on all types of hair and are designed hair specific.

Let’s take a look at the products that are out there before you choose your perfect spray.

I’ve selected a variety and hope I’ve covered every one of your needs from not only Salon professional ranges but to Organic ranges too.

These sprays are all safe to use, please take a look at side effects of hair volumizing treatment if you have any concerns or want more details.

LxH Biotin Hair Volumizing spray


  • This product is lightweight, non-stick and won’t weigh your hair down.
  • It does not leave a residue on your hair.
  • Gives a long-lasting light hold for natural volume
  • To be used on damp hair and styled as preferred
  • The formula in this product helps to lift and boost your roots
  • Contains biotin which supports healthy hair and growth.
  • Contains Vitamin B7
  • It can be used on your hair daily

I’ve leaned towards this product for the fact that it contains Vitamin B7 and being able to use it daily on your hair tells me that this is a light, no build up, gentle product.

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Root Booster


  • Contains Panthenol which protects fragile hair strands and adds volume to your hair.           
  • It gives fine hair a boost of volume at the roots
  • Has a precision nozzle which delivers lift at the roots
  • To apply it properly spray close to the scalp on damp hair
  • Ideal for fine hair

I’ve always been a fan of Paul Mitchell and the great range of Professional products they have to offer.  The research that goes on behind the scenes will prove on your hair how fantastic their range is.

Kms Add Volume Spray


  • Adds natural volume and width to your style
  • Lasts up to 72 hours in your hair
  • Gives natural grip for intense fullness
  • Apply to towel dried hair
  • You can layer the product for more volume
  • Has VP/VA Copolymer which provides volume support
  • Has sorbitol in it to add surface texture
  • Humidity resistance
  • UV filter
  • Has heat protection
  • Is paraben free
  • Is mineral oil free
  • Is heat free and alcohol free.

Another great product from a well-known product house that is looking after your hair.



  • Great for smoothness and control
  • For all hair types
  • Creates a look of touchable volume for a soft refined hold
  • Formulated to help protect your hair against dehydration while drying
  • Shake well, spray evenly onto damp hair.
  • Remember to use sparingly as this product is very concentrated.

AVEDA Pure Abundance Volumizing Spray


  • For oily, dry and normal hair
  • Infused with certified organic Acacia Gum which is a natural bulking agent
  • Known for its use of pure plant and flower essence
  • Botanically based products.

I chose this product specifically for someone who prefers to use natural products on their hair.

Sahag Air Lifting Volumizing spray


  • Creates lift and volume
  • Contains Hydrolyzed silk proteins which keep the condition of your hair intact and smooth it out.
  • Ideal for both long or short hair
  • Perfect heat activated root volumizer meaning use your dryer to get the best results
  • Apply on damp hair
  • Safe to use on colored hair

Matrix Total Results High amplifier


  • Is better for fine hair
  • Gives extreme lift at the root area
  • Builds lightweight body with flexible hold
  • Targeted applicator for extreme root lift and no waste
  • Is silicone free
  • Contains protein for added boost, strengthens hair and gives it shine.

GK Hair Global Keratin Hair Spray Volumizer

No products found.
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  • This volumizer comes with fantastic benefits all rolled into one
  • Apply to damp hair and then dry to get more volume
  • Texturizing spray to get instant layered finishing with volume body and shine
  • Heat protectant spray infused with natural keratin and coconut extracts
  • Provides long lasting moisturised look and frizz free hair
  • Non sticky
  • Residue free formula – no parabens and sulphates
  • Free from adverse chemicals and cruelty free
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Organic ingredients nourish the hair
  • Gives shine and texture
  • Apply to wet or dry hair
  • Spray from roots to ends
  • Definitely no side effects on this product!

Chi Volume Booster


  • Provides flexible hold
  • Long lasting style control leaving your hair with great volume, body and thickness
  • Gives incredible shine
  • Can be regenerated with heat over and over again.
  • Weightless
  • To be used on towel dried hair and applied evenly before drying.
  • Can be sprayed onto dry hair to create volume with your hands and rubbed in.

This is a very versatile product and not to be overlooked.  I like the idea of the product being able to regenerate with heat again.  This avoids applying or using too much product which can weigh your hair down.

Keratin Research Instant Natural hair


  • Based on natural ingredients that mimic your hair structure.
  • Gives naturally defined hold and volume
  • Contains keratin and proteins that bind to your hair giving you frizz free, volume and soft hair.
  • Volumizer will thicken your hair itself and not block your pores.
  • It is not tested on animals
  • It contains no harmful chemicals
  • Works on all hair types and lengths of hair.

The reviews are very positive on this product especially if you have very fine hair, I would give this a try.

I’m sure you have noticed that I’ve selected product houses that are very popular in the world of salons, being Wella, Matrix, Chi, Paul Mitchell and KMS. 

I have faith in these products as I’ve had training on them and believe in them.

The balance of the products I’ve chosen has been based on research and reviews which have all had positive outcomes.

Some of these sprays contain heat protectors in them and are great as a two in one if you are looking to volumize hair with straightener or with any other heat appliance.

Because the range is so wide on volumizing sprays I am going to add a few more to give you more of a selection and hope not to confuse you. Remember there is a difference between root volumizer and thickening spray.  Do not get confused.  One is to give volume working on the root area of the hair and the other is to coat the hair creating a swollen effect making your hair look more like.

Prive Root lifter


  • This is a volumizer for fine, thin hair
  • The root amplifier adds extreme lift at the roots, has weightless volume and fullness with soft control
  • Gives volume at the roots without making it sticky, it is colour safe and not tested on animals
  • Another great find for me!

John Freda Volume lift


  • Designed to enhance fullness with Air-Silk technology
  • Is safe to use on colour-treated hair
  • It’s volumizing and weightless root booster spray leaves your hair soft 
  • Has heat-activated polymer technology,
  • Apply to towel-dried hair
  • Concentrate on your roots for crown volume

Although this says it is a thickening spray, all the benefits still lean towards root lifting and not coating the rest of your hair.

Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter


  • It is a styling foam that is lightweight and has a non-greasy formula. Apply directly onto the roots of your hair. 
  • Designed to protect your hair against further damage while strengthening it
  • Used to add volume to thin or limp hair 
  • Lift your hair from the roots. 
  • Adds body to thin hair and shine.
  • Suited for both men and women.
  • Is ideal for dull, lifeless, and thin hair in need of shine and volume.
  • Can be used on all hair types.

TIGI Catwalk Root Booster


  •  For curly and frizzy hair.
  • Specifically, for use on your root area.
  • Apply this spray during styling to create volume.
  • For more root lift, apply and massage spray directly onto your roots while your hair is still damp
  • To create all-over volume and movement, spray from the roots to ends throughout the hair.

There is not much noted about the ingredients it contains however TIGI is not a product to be overlooked. 

Biolage Volumebloom Full Lift Volume Spray


  • Leave-in spray which expands volume by multiplying inter-fibre space for fullness.
  • It plumps the hair up with long-lasting volume
  • Is Paraben-Free
  • Is Formulated for fine hair
  • This product is from the product house Matrix. 

Redken Guts 10


  • Is suitable for all hair types including thick fine, colour-treated and natural hair
  • Designed to give hair root lift effect for all over volume with a natural feel
  • It adds texture and body 
  • Controls frizz
  • Apply to towel-dried hair.

This range has a numbering system from 0 – 32 hold factors.  0 being no hold and so it goes up.  If ever you want to know how strong their products are look at the number to guide you.

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