Ceramic Hair Dryers : Hand Picked Dryers with Buying Guide

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Most hair dryers being manufactured now a days are either ceramic, ionic, titanium or tourmaline or a combination of any of these. Without knowing what this all means, we just tend to buy a hair dryer containing these jargons on their specification list. What most people don’t realize is that if we care about our hair’s health, we ought to have the know-how of what we invest in.

So what’s all the hype about ceramic hair dryers and how it adds to the performance of a hair dryer?

Ceramic is made out of clay treated under very high temperatures in a kiln. That’s how you get beautiful ceramic objects and ornaments on your wooden shelf. But that’s not it. Ceramics have so many properties that we benefit from in our daily lives. They are oxidation-resistant, wear-resistant, shock-resistant, ozone-friendly and excellent infra-red heaters. Of the various heating elements, ceramics are the most efficient in durability and performance.

Before ceramics were introduced in hair dryers, conventional hair dryers had a fan and a heating element coil to produce hot air that had several disadvantages including overheating that resulted in hair damage and burning of hair scalp. Today, ceramic is used as a coating on the heating coil of the blow dryers for an even, targeted, gentler and faster heating.

That said, we will now take a look at some of the best ceramic hair dryers in the market with best performance results.

Here is 3 Best Ceramic hair dryers

#1. Prodryer 2800 Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Turbo Hair Dryer

Designed for professional use, Prodryer’s 2800 model is equally beneficial for women at home who want salon-like results in minimum time. Its high powered AC motor makes it immensely fast at blow drying.


  • 2100 Watt with AC Motor
  • Ceramic + Tourmaline + Ionic Technology
  • Two concentrator attachments
  • Weighs only 1.2 pound
  • 9-ft long power cable
  • Multiple heat and speed settings
  • Removable rear filter for easy cleaning
  • back guarantee


  • Powerful – Its 2100 Watt AC motor makes Prodryer a very powerful hair beauty appliance. It results in speedy drying and your time by a big factor.
  • Extremely Lightweight – Prodryer may look hefty but it feels extremely light. I haven’t found anything lighter than this.
  • Convenient to use – An extra-long cord, ergonomic handle with its control buttons not coming in the way of using it and intact fitting of the concentrator nozzles, all adds to the convenience of using the Prodryer model.


  • Plastic Fan – Prodryer’s fan is made of plastic which may be a problem for some people. But I personally believe that as long as your hair dryer performs well and keeps your hair in good health, the material of fan shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, that explains why your hair dryer is light on your wrists.

Price Range-:

Prodryer 2800 has a price ranging between $40 and $60.


Powerful, heavy-duty and absolute time-saving appliance, Prodryer 2800 is good option for professional and home use for salon-like results.

    #2.  Centrix Q Zone Quiet 1500 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

    Designed to be exceptionally quiet , Centrix’s Q Zone is a medium-grade powered hair dryer. First glimpse would make you presume it’s a heavyweight model but it’s very lightweight actually. Besides being Ceramic, it is also Ionic and Tourmaline enabled which makes it an all-in-one package at a reasonable price.


    • 1500 Watt motor
    • Weighs 1.5 pound
    • Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline
    • Concentrator Attachment
    • 2 speed settings


    • Exceptionally Quiet – The most attractive feature of this hair dryer is its low noise. A lot of design factors contribute to its low-pitch. The wide-width fan and the 1500 Watts power that contributes less to air turbulence and a somewhat bigger fan.
    • Good performance for thin hair – Its 1500 Wattage is sufficient enough for straightening out thin hair in a very short time.


    • Less Powerful – While the 1500 Watts power of the Centrix Q Zone is good enough for thin hair, people with thick, curly hair may find it annoying and hard to dry hair in the same short time. The blowing power at low speed isn’t enough with full hair.
    • Bulky Size – This model is fairly huge in dimensions.
    • Not as Quiet – The dryer performs quietly at lower speeds but at higher speed, it is not as quiet but is bearable.

    Price Range-:

    Centrix’s Q Zone hair dryer model has a price ranging between $70 and $90.


    With a medium power, featherweight is a weightless yet pricey travel hair dryer.

    #3. Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer, Black/Silver

    Elchim is an Italian based company that is into manufacturing hair appliance since 1945. Its 3900 hair dryer model is designed to cater salon needs. That means, it’s pretty faster and stronger than those designed for home-use.


    • Italian engineered 2400 Watts powered AC motor
    • Ceramic + Ionic technology enabled
    • 2 concentrator
    • Weighs 2 pounds
    • Lifetime Warranty


    • Excellent Performance – The 3900 performs great in a lot of ways. It dries hair fast, cuts down lot of time from being wasted, leaves minimum frizz, gives out beautiful and shinier hair and has a very strong power to do the job for people with fuller hair. That means people with thick, curly or long hair that would take relatively longer to dry.
    • Convenience – The body is compact, looks heavy but it is around 2 pounds only. The handle is ergonomically designed to make it easier on arms while you blow dry. The heat/speed buttons located on its handle are designed with a firm lock at its place so that it doesn’t flip accidentally while you have the grip from the handle.
    • Lifetime Warranty – This is one of the most attractive features of Elchim’s all dryer models. It keeps its customers at ease when buying the product so they have sense of security for their money.
    • Quiet – Another most sought-after feature is the minimal noise it creates. A very low-pitch sound even at such high power is a pretty good deal against its price.


    • Not a good choice for fine hair – Even at its lowest speed setting, Elchim’s 3900 is very powerful. Such powerful bust of air may not be healthy for people with fine, thin hair.

    Price Range-:

    Elchim’s 3900 hair dryer model price varies between $180 and $200.


    Elchim 3900 is a high-grade hair dryer built with quality for professional use.

    Final Words

    If you are looking for a heavy-duty professional grade hair dryer for your thick, curly hair or long-length hair, Elchim’s 3900 can be the best choice at drying at very fast speed and leaving as less frizz, as possible. For those with thin, fine, straight hair, Centrix’s Q Zone hair dryer would perfectly suit their needs. This includes cutting down drying time at an optimal power along with great results on your hair. Prodryer’s 2800 hair dryer is an intermediate ceramic choice between the two extreme hair types. It has sufficient power for thick hair and at lower speeds, can be used for thin hair.

    Elchim’s 3900

    For your thick, curly hair or long-length hair

    Centrix’s Q Zone

    For those with thin, fine, straight hair

    Prodryer’s 2800

    For intermediate ceramic choice between the two extreme hair types

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