Top 3-Speed Hair Dryers You Might Want to Have

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

If you have decided you need to be the “Jones’s” and keep up with the latest technology when it comes to hair dryers then this is the article for you.

Our feature and focus is on dryers with 3 speeds, being low, medium and high.

Low Speed – I always use this speed on fine damaged hair to style it after I have used a high level to dry the hair off by 80%.

Medium Speed – I use this for slightly thicker hair again after drying the hair off on a high speed.

High Speed – I use thick hair from start to finish taking my drying time down to half the amount of time.

Keep in mind to always hold your hair dryer a few centimeters away from your head when drying it off and styling your hair or you will damage it.

Tocmoc Professional Ionic Hair dryer

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No products found.

This dryer is something to write about. It’s cover plan starts on the day you purchase to cover drops, spills, cracked screens and power surges. It promises an easy claim process by email. That sounds good to me !

It features :

  • Impressive fast drying with an 18 fan blade
  • Ultra strong digital motor
  • Negative ionic technology
  • Temperature control button (has a built in thermometer that records the temperature around 20 times per second guaranteeing it will never get too hot
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 3 speed or wind settings – low, medium and high
  • Has been designed with an overheat protector function which kicks in when necessary.
  • Definitely a hair dryer for volume with those features

Hot Tools Signature Series Hair Dryer

This dryer offers reliability and performance, designed with ionic technology to reduce frizz and static.

It features :

  • Has an AC motor
  • Direct ionic technology
  • 1875 watt
  • 6 speed and heat settings giving you versatility and performance
  • Light in weight
  • Cold shot button to lock in your style

Professional Brushless Ionic Hair Dryer

I love how compact this dryer looks as well as it features

It features :

  • High speed digital control three phase motor for quicker drying
  • Intelligent temperature control protecting the hair from overheating
  • Intelligent heat control to prevent heat damage
  • Built in Ion generator to help remove frizz
  • 1500 Watt
  • 3 heat setting
  • 3 speed setting

Hot Tool Professional 1875 Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hair Dryer

This dryer surprised me with its 6 speed/heat settings! The best hair dryer yet! As you can see in the picture this dryer comes with a variety of attachments handy for curly hair, frizzy hair and controlled air.

It features :

  • Newly designed lightweight motor
  • 1875 watt
  • 6 heat / speed options allowing styling control for all hair types
  • Cool shot feature to set your style
  • 8 foot cord giving a full range motion
  • Removable lint filter to clean and maintain your dryer

Revlon 1875 Ultra Lightweight Hair Dryer

This dryer comes in a striking color! The Revlon 1875 Volume style hair dryer has similar features to the 1875 Ultra lightweight but is more compact.

It features :

  • 3 speed settings for the same heat temperature
  • Cool shot button to lock in style
  • Light in weight
  • Nozzle to contain air flow onto your hair
  • 1875 watt but can vary depending on location of use
  • Removable end cap for maintaining and cleaning your dryer

Revlon Volume Styler

This dryer comes in a striking colour!

The Revlon 1875 Volume style hair dryer has similar features to the 1875 Ultra lightweight but is more compact.

It features :

  • 1875 watt
  • Ionic and fast drying technology to remove static electricity
  • 3 heat / speed settings for controlled drying
  • Light weight
  • Compact size for traveling purposes

Revlon 1885 Watt 3-in-1 styling Hatchet Hair Dryer

It seems most Revlon products have a 3 speed setting.  I’ve noticed this is included in the heat setting and not a separate feature.

It features :

  • 1875 watt
  • Ion switch to release negative ion for smooth hair and quick drying
  • light weight
  • compact making it perfect for traveling as well as storage
  • dual voltage
  • 3 speed/heat settings
  • attachments for detangling, smoothing and styling

Babyliss Pro Ceramic Xtreme

“Where power meets technology” This would be my high end dryer for sure.

It features :

  • 2000 watt professional level motor
  • Ceramic technology producing gentle far – infrared to protect the hair
  • AC motor for performance
  • Light weight
  • 6 heat and speed settings
  • Cold shot button

I think I have managed to give you quite a wide selection of dryers with a 3 speed option.  Remember that some are built into the heat option giving you high, medium and low speed but with the same heat.  These appear more in the Revlon range.

The other dryers have a separate 3 speed function which is only low, medium and high.

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